Joshua Sylvae, LMFT, SEP

Silver Maple Tree Buds

I bring a lifelong interest in health and healing to my work as a psychotherapist and educator. I feel passionate about helping individuals, couples, and families suffering from a wide array of distressing symptoms, and I always endeavor to bring an empathic and curious spirit to my work with clients. I’ve received training in many different approaches to therapy, but the model that influences my practice the most is Somatic Experiencing®. SE™ is a body-based, psychobiological understanding of human beings, and it offers a wealth of insights about how to facilitate the natural re-balancing of our nervous system and mind. I’ve spent countless hours studying and teaching this modality, and I’m pleased to be able to support you in your journey back towards health and wholeness. I’m passionate about reconnecting body and mind, which brings a freshness and fullness that many have described as life changing.

My work educating clinicians also arises from my interest in helping to create a more just and healthful world. If you work in the helping professions and would like someone to discuss your practice with, please don’t hesitate to be in touch for consultation. If you are in the SE Professional Training, I am approved to offer individual case consultations at all levels of the training. I am a faculty member for the SE Trauma Institute, and teach the SE Professional Training in different locales around the world. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch if I might be able to support your journey of integrating SE, either in the context of your personal work or your clinical efforts to help others.

(360) 870-0928